Imagine an overhead shot of dozens of 10 foot crocodiles lining the banks of the Fox River with kids playing on them while adults are laughing & chatting with one another and everyone’s just having some good summertime fun.  Can you picture seeing this on CBS “Sunday Morning”- we can!!! It’s taking public art to a new level but we can’t do it without you!

WHAT THE CROC is this year’s exciting, community-wide, outdoor, public art exhibition directed by the Elgin Community Network in partnership with the Gail Borden Public Library, the City of Elgin, and  Elgin’s businesses, corporations, restaurants, public agencies, schools,  churches, community groups  and  not-for-profits. This is our 5th year doing this fantastic event! It’s completely volunteer driven and free to the public!

Creative projects like this bring thousands to Elgin throughout the summer, but projects this large rarely come along. We’ll be  asking the community to enthusiastically embrace the imaginative  SuperCroc benches and  CrocButler  just as they did the  Adirondack Thrones, Bistro Sets,  Rain Barrels, Bicycles On Parade, and Dinos.  We’re asking you to be a part of this extraordinary project and create a fanciful work of art using  crocodiles as the canvas. (Yes, we can even help with the art part!) This is freedom of expression at it’s best!

These artful  pieces will be displayed  and be a part of Gail Borden’s SuperCroc exhibit. Remember on  a normal day the library gets over 3,000 visitors, so image what having this exhibit will draw.

Can you think of a better way to advertise your identity? We CAN’T!!   The exposure is immense and ongoing from May through August. The nitty-gritty is on the following pages– choose to be a partner or sponsor.  The deadline to participate is May 1st, with a fantastic kick-off when the SuperCroc exhibit is unveiled.

Take a cultural detour and participate. How can you say anything but yes….it’s civic minded, supports community neighborhood projects, and will make you smile. Sign up now!